How can Agile Control Tower help my business?

Ever wish your supply chain had a built-in crisis control center? A tool that would warn you of an impending supply chain disruption — and help you manage it? Your wish has come true. JDA Agile Control Tower senses unexpected events across the supply chain, diagnoses the root cause and offers you a choice of corrective actions. You can quickly conduct what-if analysis for each option, then make optimal guided choices that balance short-term responsiveness with long-term strategic goals.


  • Manages demand volatility across multiple channels
  • Increases responsiveness, while honoring strategic objectives
  • Ensures end-to-end supply chain continuity


  • Enhanced awareness and ability to respond improves revenues and margins
  • Increased inventory turns and availability through inventory optimization
  • Decreased supply chain costs by eliminating expedites, overtime and other crisis responses

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