How can Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings help my business?

Built on our years of industry experience, JDA Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings (MMHF) offers a reliable and versatile solution for big-ticket retailers, from home furnishings to consumer electronics, appliances and more. With an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical interface, you can easily build reports, track data and automate common tasks for better visibility within your operation. Built-in Item Management tools give comprehensive information about each item, helping you make informed and effective decisions throughout the merchandising life cycle. And Merchandise Management for Home Furnishings automates time-consuming manual processes, such as purchase order creation and replenishment, freeing up staff time and making your stores more efficient.


  • Directs price by any combination of vendor, style, color, size, store and price type
  • Provides multiple images per SKU and suggests related items, allowing deeper and more personalized customer interactions
  • Provides detailed knowledge of every inventory transaction, from sales and purchases to returns, advance shipping notices, transfers, cycle counts and repairs


  • Minimizes inventory and carrying costs and increases turn rates
  • Identifies profitable, reliable vendors with vendor analysis and scorecards
  • Generates higher sales volume using demand-based allocation, store clustering, and price and promotion management

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