Enterprise Resource Planning vs. Best-of-Breed - The Supply Chain Debate Rages On


Over the past 40 years, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have evolved in parallel to highly specialized software providers, often referred to as ‘best-of-breed’ (BoB). Where ERPs have focused first on financial management and then expanded their capabilities to enable end to end business processes, such as order to cash manufacturing and purchase to pay, the BoB providers have pushed further on differentiators delivering best in class productivity, functional breadth and ease of use. In the past decade, however, ERPs have made substantial investment in re-platforming their limited use modules into a more sustainable, best of breed-like solution. The result is that they are nearing parity on typical business process execution. In the debate of ERP vs. BoB, there’s no always-right answer. Frequently, what you’ll find is that IT management comes down on the side of the ERP messaging and supply chain practitioners prefer the functionality of the BoB. But every situation is unique, and every ERP user’s situation is different, so it pays to keep an open mind in determining which suppliers will best meet the organization’s long-term needs for supply chain execution. Download the eBook to take a deeper dive into the supply chain debate.