NFT Case Study

NFT is the UK's leading provider of chilled logistics solutions for the food retail and manufacturing sectors, providing primary and secondary chilled services via its transport, warehousing and logistics solutions. In order to improve warehouse utilization, boost stock availability and reduce waste, it selected JDA Warehouse Management and realized the following results:

  • Increased SKU-picking capability by more than fifteenfold to a weekly average of 1.6 million cases — peaking at almost 2 million — in less than three years
  • Increased pick rates by 15-30 percent across various customers
  • Improved picking accuracy to more than 99.95 percent most weeks
  • Achieved project ROI in less than 30 days
  • Eliminated multi shelf-life issues by customer and misrotations in allocation and picking
  • Achieved a 27 percent improvement in reach truck utilization