How can Luminate Store Fulfillment help my business?

No matter the channel or the product, inventory out-of-stocks cause lost sales now and can prevent future sales, too. But demand for the same product can differ from one store to another, making it difficult to know what amounts to order. Meanwhile, fresh and ultra-fresh product ranges are vital to grocers’ ability to compete, as customers demand the freshest foods, right now, at competitive prices. How will you keep the right amount of inventory on hand while also minimizing waste?

Today, artificial intelligence can help you gain a competitive edge, automating store replenishment and reducing out-of-stocks by as much as 80 percent. As part of the JDA® Luminate™ family of SaaS, IoT and artificial intelligence solutions which extends and enhances JDA’s product portfolio, Luminate Store Fulfillment helps you benefit from the power of digital-edge technologies. Luminate Store Fulfillment delivers accurate, granular demand forecasts that let you reduce waste while also cutting down on unnecessary manual interventions. Store Fulfillment calculates demand and optimizes order decisions by store, product and day, with independent forecast calculations for each store and product for unmatched accuracy. Once it learns the dynamics of item demand, Store Fulfillment analyzes data and delivers accurate, probabilistic demand predictions with a 21-day horizon – giving you more accurate results than traditional forecasting methods and powering future optimizations.


  • Uses machine learning to measure events down to the day, store and item level
  • Applies your existing supply chain data with connectivity to 200.
  • Considera indicadores únicos, incluyendo su costo de inventario que está en la trastienda.
  • Alto grado de automatización que reduce la necesidad de intervenciones manuales.


  • Reduce la cantidad de existencias, lo que lleva a una mayor satisfacción y lealtad del cliente.
  • Reduce el desperdicio de producto y el inventario innecesario, para un mayor ahorro de costos.
  • Decisiones de reposición más alineadas con su estrategia de negocio.
  • Más tiempo para servicio al cliente y tareas de valor agregado.

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