How can Network Design & Optimization help my business?

Think you can set it and forget it when it comes to network design? Not anymore. With globalization, consolidation and consumer centricity becoming the norm, supply chain network design is no longer a one-time activity. JDA Network Design & Optimization helps you evaluate the complex trade-offs when making decisions about manufacturing and distribution site locations and transportation  whether you are looking to expand your supply chain network, or simply optimize your current resources and network performance.


  • Standardized strategic planning process
  • Powerful, flexible modeling paradigm that supports what-if scenario analysis
  • Diseño de redes y optimización basadas en compensaciones.


  • Agilidad en la cadena de suministro y mitigación de riesgos para enfocarse en el cliente.
  • Costos reducidos y mayores ingresos por servicios.
  • Mejora la visibilidad estratégica y táctica de la cadena de suministro.

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